Questions about presale tickets

hello i am a long time fan been since the very first single droped but i am new to the underground and i wanted to know if any one knows when the pre sale starts on monday where on the site u go to but them and where do i find the prices for them this would be helpful info for me and 1 last thing if i buy my wife the 60$ undergroung on friday is will she be able to get the meet and geat pass that close to the pre sale thank you for any info LONG LIVE LINKIN PARK LOL

Pre sale will be at 10am EST from what I read on there Twitter

She can BUT if she does not receive her laminate by the time of the concert, remind her to bring her ID card. And, it is not for certain she can get a meet and greet with you together, it’s chosen by LPUHQ :slight_smile: