Question About Meet and Greets

So I got an LPU account and bought 2 tickets (for me and a friend) to the LP show at the Tacoma Dome as well as signed up for the Meet and Greet. But one thing that confuses me is that does my friend need to sing up for LPU membership and sign up for the meet and greet as well in order to get to go? And would he even be able to sign up since I bought the tickets for him on my account?
I’ve not been able to find an easy answer anywhere on the site and any help would be very much appreciated.

If I understand the wording from the folks of the Underground. Yes if you want your friend to have a chance to get to get the meet and greet passes he would have to purchase a Underground package. Since you only get ONE pass, if you get picked.

  1. It doesn’t matter who bought the ticket. I bought my ticket from a friend so I have no paper trail of me personally buying a ticket but since I am an underground member I was able to apply for the chance for the meet and greet passes.

Hope that helps.

He will still be able to sign up, one can apply for a meet and greet only by being a LPU member, so he will have to sign up if he wants the chance to attend a meet and greet. But it doesn’t matter how you get your tickets for the show, i mean, to apply for a meet and greet they just ask you to have tickets so people doesn’t register for shows they’re not attending, but there’s no need to buy the ticket for the show through LPU to apply for the meet and greet.
Good luck!