Quality of download of Hybrid Theory EP (LPU 1.0)


I just paid and downloaded the Hybrid Theory EP (LPU 1.0) and the songs sound a little scratchy and distorted. You can especially hear it on Step Up on the first verse. It’s not as smooth as the song is supposed to be. I tried downloading the zip again and out the same way. Is there a way to get a different download link or a cleaner version?


I’ve heard the LPU downloads are definitely not CD quality. I’ve not paid for any of the digital albums because I have them all on CD, so I can’t say firsthand if that is how it normally is for the downloads. If you downloaded it multiple times, it probably just is how they are offered.

You can listen to a stream of the album at https://linkinpark.com/lpu/music/streamlpu1 and try to compare it to that if you’d like, or just listen from there.

LPLive also offers a download of the album at http://lplive.net/downloads.php. Their version of the CD is a rip of the actual Hybrid Theory EP, not the LPU reissue, so it also may sound slightly different