Q&A - London

Any of the LPU guys on here who went to the Q&A? I bumped into them while i was outside, we didn’t talk long and i would love to get the full details! [wink]

I was on my way down to Brighton for a gig that day & had a couple of hours in London so i decided to go to the station where the Q&A was.
I waited outside and ended up meeting Chester - SO LUCKY!!! [biggrin] Heres my pic;

i still can’t believe it!

I am so jealous! I wasn’t able to make the trip but I was there the week before :frowning:

Anyway thats awesome!

Hey yes I remember meeting you just outside the studio - that’s an awesome pic you got by the way :D. The Q&A lasted about an hour, basically there was Chester sitting on a couch in the studio with Pete Donaldson - the Absolute Radio presenter who was hosting the session - with an audience of 15-20 people, as well a few other staff who were filming the session. Pete chatted with Chester for about 45 mins, talking quite a bit about the new album but also the band’s history and progression up to this point, as well as just some general banter. Then in the last 15 minutes or so members of the audience who had been invited through the Absolute Radio question contest were invited to ask their questions. Chester was really great, answering all the questions in lots of detail, and yet still making the whole thing feel very informal, and afterwards he stuck around for a few minutes to sign stuff for the audience and take a group photo, which was really good of him. As I said the session was about an hour and the range of topics discussed was broad and so I don’t think I can recount all the questions and answers adequately, but the whole session is being broadcast in its entirety on Absolute Radio 00s at 10pm BST on 1st July, with extended video highlights available on www.absoluteradio.co.uk immediately afterwards, so do check it out then, as it was a really interesting Q&A, and also really fun to listen to - I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to attend.

Thats so awesome! Yeah, it was great that some LPU got invited :slight_smile:
So nice of him to stick round and sign for people afterwards too.

Cant wait to watch the full thing next month!


Omg, I’m SO jealous right now. Want a picture with Chester as well… :frowning:
Lucky you!!