Project for Lorenzo

As most of us know, Lorenzo has left LPU HQ for a new job. This is a small project for us to say thank you for all his time and effort.

I’ll detail this more as it comes together, but my idea for this is basically virtual postcards. Since we can’t easily send him anything at the moment, this seems like the next best thing. There will be a bunch of postcards on a page that are clickable and able to be read containing all our thoughts and wishes. The page will be more stylized than this example I put together, but this should give you an idea.


The postcards will be powered by Twitter posts, populated by a certain hashtag that I will let everyone know about when it’s time to post. I know not everyone uses Twitter, or may not want their post out in the public, so I’ll also be able to manually add a postcard for you if you include what you want here.

Think of it as being similar to the memorial page for Chester at with how it fills up with tweets containing “#MakeChesterProud”, but it will have a postcard theme and a different hashtag


This is brilliant. Thank you so much for doing this

Love this idea!

Love your idea!! :heart_eyes: How can we send you the messages? Can we let them here or do you want in private? I don’t have twitter so…

When the page is ready to go, I’ll let everyone know the specifics, but it is up to you if you want to just post it here or message me privately


Ok, thanks! Then I’ll wait for the final instructions… :blush:

Cool :heart_eyes: - is it possible to put pictutures on our cards ?

I don’t know how I’m going to display them yet, but pictures will be able to be added

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This is a brilliant idea!

Calling @Honey8 in this thread! :blush:

Also @moocho and @zenataylor :grin:

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This is an awesome Idea!!

This is the basic template for the postcard, still needs some tweaking, but it’s mostly done


“Title” is a placeholder. The actual title was removed for this screenshot because it gives away the hashtag I’ve picked.

“Location” will be your location, to show how far his contributions to the community have reached. This will be optional. If you use Twitter, you can set the location of your tweet for this.

The text area will be restricted to 250 characters, “Lorenzo,” is there by default, so factor that into your message to not be repetitive. You name at the bottom will be taken from your Twitter profile if you use Twitter.

The address is just for fun, nothing to really mention there. I’ll have a fake stamp and a few other additions to make it look more realistic.


That’s niceeeeee!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I’ll think something asap! :smile: :sun_with_face:

Also I can’t understand a thing of your message…lol :laughing: :sweat_smile:

That’s just placeholder text that gets used often for web design


Brilliant idea! Thanks for putting it together.

very cool.

Here’s a pretty early working version of it. Right now it just looks for his Twitter username. You can’t close the tweets when you open them yet.

I may have to rethink how to display the postcards because the way they randomly appear is a bit too messy


I need extra explanation as always Jordan :see_no_evil:- @jFar920 so we get a link from you- go there and give in our text message? Did I get it right? :monkey:

And it looks supercool- so happy about you and your skills doing this project with us :heart_eyes: - even more because we know how busy you are…

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Wow that is an awesome idea! I like the website design too.

This is what I’m wondering as well :sweat_smile:

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Thank you angel!!! I come here Saturday! :heart::heart::heart: