Progression of Looking For An Answer

I thought it would be cool to create a separate thread to discuss this new song and post updates from the band. Just like we did during the making of the One More Light album. Here’s the first update that Mike posted a few days ago:


Maybe you should make it a wiki post @rickvanmeijel.

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It’s a wiki now right?


Thank you for sharing I gald mike is working on this song

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I encourage you all to add the latest updates if you come across them first! I feel like this song is going to be big


Yeah I have that felling too

Thanks for sharing this . I seen this video . I hope mike continues with this song


Yeah I have seen it. This song is VERY personal and special.

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I thought what he’s done so far sounded great.

While tweeting about his new EP today, Mike posted another update on Looking For An Answer:

So perhaps he’s starting over


:heart_eyes: yeeesss!!! :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing!! :hugs:

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