Problem with my LPU 11 package

I know that there’s others topic for this , but i think i have a serious problem with my order.

I ordered the anual membership + the LPU 11 CD back on the first day of december and was shipped on 29/12/2011 , but the package never arrives. Someone here in the forums say that i can talk with someone in the staff if the package took over 2 months to arrive.

I went to my local post office yesterday to see if was held there , and they say me that they can’t do anything without the tracking number , something that i don’t have.

I bought the pack with the 4 LPU hard to find CD’s in the past and and came here to my country (Argentina) in just 5 days , so i don’t know why this take so long.

Any solution ?

Well, I don’t know how to solve the problem. Try to talk to the staff of LPU and see if they have a solution.

2 months?! THAT’S BAD! You need serious help now! Somemore it involved of the 4 CDs!

This might help you :

I have the SAME problem! And I’m from Uruguay. The local office can’t find my package because I don’t have the tracking number! I asked Adam and Dan about it but they never answered to me! I really need that number.

then why are you even responding, LOL

[quote=purrfect]This might help you :


I already send a message to that mod , hope i’ll get an answer.


I already send a message to that mod , hope i’ll get an answer.


You’re Welcome, I hope you will get the package soon :slight_smile: