Problem updating billing info

I’m having problems updating my billing info as I can only view my billing and shipping address not my actual billing information e.g card details etc. Could someone help me please?

You can change your billing info at the store when purchasing something.

Unfortunately I cannot, I am only able to see my billing information summary - not change it. Also it doesn’t give me the PayPal option either, it only says ‘use promo code’ and ‘place order’

That’s so weird. Last time I bought something, I needed to update my card info and I was able to do so just fine. Did you go to the billing tab and didn’t let you update it?
Can’t speak about PayPal since I don’t use it, sorry.

I’m unable to click on the billing tab unfortunately. I don’t understand why I’m unable to change my billing information, I’ve contacted support also so let’s hope they reply.

Hope they’ll reply soon!

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks, I clicked billing and I’m able to alter my credit card details now but I’m also unable to choose the ‘Pay by PayPal method’ which I would like to do, any idea how I can change my method of payment?

I went ahead and cleared out your existing payment profile, so you should be able to select paypal now if you’d like :smile:

please let me know if you have any further questions.

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