Presale Drama Need Help

Okay im confused about the ticketmaster presale whatever. I did what it said on lpu guidelines. For some reason i ended up in group 2 at 172 and confirmed by strobe thats was my final spot…ever time i check it is constantly changing (going up) when strobe states it suppose to be locked in.
Secondly, i was suppose to get an presale code today for tommarrow stated by strobe on the lp site and receive specific time related information so i dont lose my spot. I am suppose to use my code before 10:30. I never received it today and called ticketmaster and they are contradicting everything on the lp website. They said i might get a code tommarrow at 10:30 which do not go with the infomation i received from the site. They told me to call which there is not number. This is so frustrating and confusing and thinking about dropping lpu and just buying thru reg. vendor instead, it really cant be this difficult to get 1 ticket, right.

I guess no one received their codes yet. I am also very frustrated, I ended in 2nd on Saturday with 189 referrals and today I woke up in 6th with only 18. When I contacted them to complain, they stated my referrals were fake, yeah sure I made 171 fake Facebook accounts. On their email they said they are still validating the referrals, that is probably why no one got their email with information about tickets yet.

Plus I don’t know why is this a presale if tickets are already available to purchase with

The prices are much higher at this website than they’ll be w/ ticketmaster. That strobe website is kinda buggy, it said that the concert in my city would be on the 13th of October when it’s actually on the 14th and that the presale for group 1 would be at 9 am when it is actually at 10.
Maybe you did your referrals from the same IP address? Cause I had 33, now I have one, and I did all of them except for one from the same computer because I singed up for my friends and relatives so they don’t have to do it themselves. I created a few fake emails, but a lot of referred people were real even though I singed them up from my computer

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I’m really hopping the prices to be cheaper. And no, I did actually have friends doing it, this is very frustrating. The only thing I can think is that my friends did not confirm on their emails, but that was not specified on the rules and why was it counting the whole time and then they just take away like this? Absolutely ridiculous. The prices thru them better be cheaper.

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Yeah I have not received anything either. They were going to send out the time and the link for us to buy our tickets on and tomorrow morning send us the code. All this nonsense is a bit ridiculous and wish they just did the code for the presale on the lpu site like they have done before. Hopefully we will get the emails soon. I am at number 10 and the number keeps moving and the time keeps changing so this is a bit stressful if you ask me.


Exactly, i never had an issue before and it gets annoying looking at lpu, lp site, ticketmaster or strobe. Wish they would clear things up. Im might just go thru the vendor if it doesnt work out tomarrow

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The emails will come out soon enough
On mine, it says the email with codes will come out tomorrow morning
I agree things have been all over the place, strobe kept changing the concert date etc
So long as the prices are cheaper I’ll be good
I saw some of the third party sites and I was like fuuuuu-dge

Lorenzo got back to me and said that i should hear about presale, time etc at 6am. Lets see…so far the process has been a nightmare with strobe.

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I have been wondering the same thing…it ended with me in 7th spot for Charlotte, NC but now says I’m in 5th…which is great but I haven’t gotten an email about the link…I did email Stobe and they said they are still working on everything and that they are very busy to hang on…good luck everyone!


Should have all presale info by now, closing this