Posting Pictures

Does anyone know how to post pictures on here? I have a bunch of the meet and greet photos that I wold love to post but I can’t… :s

where are you trying to post them? You’ll first need to host them on photobucket, etc…once you’ve done that, you can use the image url tags and that should do the trick. Feel free to PM me if you need further detail!

or you go to

where you don’t have to register like on photobucket, the one he mentioned^

and you can upload photos from your computer to the net and then share them with us :smiley:

all you can to do is copy the direct links of the photos
and then put them between img tags
like this

[img ][/img ]

but without the space between img and the ] things

you would be seeing this if you leave the space out

AWESOME!!! THank you guys soooooo much!!! I will try that when i get home (I am guilty and at work as I write this).

no problem