Post Traumatic tour, pre-show songs?!

There are approx. 5-6 songs before Mike enters the stage, can you name those?
Thank you! :blush:

Do you mean what they play during sound check?

Yes! :slight_smile: Do You know those songs?

They change every night, depends what he wants to rehearse

I see:) It was the same in Budapest & Prague that’s why I thought he has a same list.

Sorry didn’t mean soundchecks!
I mean the other artist’s songs before he enters the stage.

The opening bands?

The one is Prague was great! Didn’t catch their name but she had a beautiful voice.
London it was the La Fontaines or something like that. They were good!

No, sorry for the wrong statement I made I try again.

So, there were certain songs (not from Mike & not from the opening bands) which they play right before he entered the stage.
Mainly these songs have female vocale if I remember right.
So these songs weren’t live, the crew played them.

Do you have Spotify? Mike made a playlist. :blush:

If not, I can make screenshots later, let me know if you need them… :wink:


The only songs I recognised at the show were two grandson tracks. One was Stick Up, the other I don’t remember

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I made screenshots of the playlist, in case anyone wants to have the whole list and doesn’t have spotifiy. :slight_smile:




That’s all of the pre-show-music :slight_smile:


Omg, thank you! :))

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You’re welcome! :blush: