Post Traumatic limited edition

Hey guys

I while ago Mike Send away 3000 ltd Post Traumatic LP’s
I bought one of those but I still haven’t received it.
I am from Europe (Belgium) and I wanna check if I am the only one with this problem.

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Your best bet is contacting the store’s support. Provide them with the order number and they’ll check it for you.

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Yeah i did that a few times and they said they will help me but they still haven’t done anything.

I don’t know how long ago you placed the order, but do keep in mind it takes a while for parcels to reach you from the US (I’d assume anywhere between 2 weeks and a month). Maybe contact the shipping company (USPS I guess?) and if they are no help either, try someone from HQ.

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I pre-ordered it 26/11/2018 and the tracking code does not work, I don’t even know which shipping company they even used. I’m stuck I think…

If you chose standard delivery than it’s probably USPS. There should be a tracking number next to your order status or even the email that was sent to you stating that it was indeed shipped.
Try contacting support again, I’m sure they’ll be able to send another one out or refund this one.

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Support is usually pretty good with stuff like this. Maybe contact them again. If you don’t hear anything you could always go to your bank & dispute the charges to get your money back. :metal: :metal:

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I’m not afraid to lose my money. Warner Bros already asked me if i would cancel the order and to get my money back. But i really want this LP

That’s messed up. If it were me, I would send an email everyday until I got the level of customer service I would deserve after purchasing an item.

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And that’s exactly what i’m going to do

Hi, I’ve ordered mine on the 7th of December, to Brecht (near Antwerpen, I don’t know which part of Belgium you live in), and it arrived more than a week ago. The tracking number didn’t work anywhere for me either, unfortunately, but at least I got it in the end…

Met wat werd het verzonden? Was het UPS of nog iets anders?

I received mine a few days ago, also preordered it.
Customer service told me it would take 4-6 weeks, and that they could not track it. This was the M Shinodao store telling me.

Which delivery company was used? And did they send it to your home?

The shipping company is essential for me to find it

Seems like it was shipped by USPS international, right untill it got to Denmark, where it was taken by the national toll system. I then had to pay Postnord, the Danish shipping system, to recieve the package. And yes, after that they brought it to my house. Hope this helps.

You could not been more helpful thank you

Is it odd that Mike’s limited edition of 3000 vinyls is still “in stock” and available for purchase online? I would have thought his limited edition vinyl would have sold out far before now…right?