Post from band on their youtube channel

Just saw this and wanted to share in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet!


thanks for sharing :grinning:

Phoenix and Linkin Park are so awesome! Love :heart: these guys!


You’re welcome :grinning:.

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will LPU members get special access to this event?


I hope so. Or at least those of us who won the top spot in our state for that fan recruitment thing. I was so excited for my meet and greet. :frowning:

I think that the last thing that crosses their mind is to please anyone by giving them priority… Either way ,nobody said that it will be a concert ,so that you have to get a front row or early access…


I live in the wrong country! Too much ocean and land between my home and Los Angeles, to go to the event :tired_face::wink::smiley:

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I can’t go too, I’m from Europe, too far. But I’m happy they’ll organize it in the U.S. because this year, European tour was finished but Americans didn’t have any, it was cancelled, we need to think of them, poor ones.

At least this is something for them, I hope everyone, who wants to go, gets this chance :heart:

And I hope they’ll stream it!! :heart_eyes::star_struck:


Yeah! Or they share it on YouTube.