Possible way to resell ticket? Please help!

Hi, I bought two Terrace seat tickets, one for my daughter and one for me. After seeing air fare I’m not going to be able to attend. My seats have the “credit card must be preset upon arrival” instructions and I wasn’t sure if there is any way we can sell them? Maybe within the LPU or just back to the venue? Please help!

I’m really sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make it,
I think the safest best bet is for you to call Ticketmaster exchanges to check and see if you can transfer them to somebody, if it were possible in sure there is more than one soldier on here that would be screaming to have a shot at them at the price you paid
I know it’s a hassle to get to an actual live rep, I’ve had to call about 4 times this week and the last time I kind of blew up on them lol (canceled ticket) but a rep will give you the straightest answer as to what you can and can’t do with them, it would probably be worth the time
Best wishes and hope things work out!


You should ask Ticketmaster because the credit card disclaimer is a problem I guess. Anyway, if you find a way to transfer/sell them, please get in touch with me cause a friend of mine is prepared to cover a huge amount of money to come there from Italy with me. Thank you so much!

Hello, I’m interested in buying the tickets. I would be flying to LA for the concert so please let me know if you would be interested in selling the tickets.

Hi, I’m also interested in the tickets if you find a way to sell them without having to show the card. Thank you, Debbie in NC.

What ended up happening with your tickets?

@hybridxlove are you still selling your tickets??

OK, so the plan is I am going. I might have a ticket available to offer, I will know more by Friday. Thank you all for your help!

@hybridxlove please let me know on Friday if you have that ticket.
You can email me at sdeolmua@gmail.com

Hope everything works out.

I’ve been searching for a single ticket as well.
Ticketmaster does reply to emails etc., but so far they have been taking between 3 - 5 days.

Are they flashseats? If so there’s a way to transfer them. You make an account, login and transfer using the new person’s name, email and phone number. If not then as others suggested I would contact ticketmaster directly.

If you figure out a way to re-sell them to people let me know. I thought that tickets would have been available but i got to them late and only the vip tickets were left and they are sooo expensive. I already bought our plane tickets from Vancouver BC Canada to Los Angeles for the 27th. Kind of a fudge up on my part. Anyway… if you can let me know. :slight_smile: would be 1 million times appreciated.

@hybridxlove do you have an extra ticket?

I do, I’m just not sure which one. I’m going with a group and we are trying to decide which to sell. I will get back with you asap.

Hey I would love to purchase a ticket I really want one if you still have them for sale.

I know I’m a little late to the party, but if you still have that extra ticket I’d love to buy it for my daughter so she can go. Since we were only able to purchase 2 tickets I’m not able to take both of my kids. The tickets I have are also located in the Terrace and I would be extremely grateful. You can email me directly at movalgal@yahoo.com

If you still have the ricket, please let me know, i just wanted so bad, pleaseeeeee… let me know

@tenkaichi do you still have a ticket? San Diego person ^ there haha

I know a guy who bought a ticket and can’t make it now. I could get in touch with him, although I recall that it’s very difficult to resell the tickets purchased from TM.

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Okay so I’ve seen this thread and check it out: I’ve got a buddy who paid $450 for a ticket and now can’t make it. Marine Corps field op. So he’s looking to get rid of it. If you want me to get him in touch with you, text me. 858-356-7709. After Chester’s death, there was not much of a reason for me to come here anymore until further announcement from the band.