Possible stencil!

So I’m just going to get whatever courage I can muster and try this as a stencil, or if that fails, a wheat paste. This is just a sketch at the moment, I hope to make those lines real nice and bold, at least framing ones. Then of course I’ve got to figure out an overall color scheme for her and the canvas she’ll be on. SO NERVOUS!

absolutely beautiful! You really have a talent! [wink]

Aww!! Thank you so much!! Now I really hope I don’t butcher this when I’m transfer this onto canvas, LOL!

Wow this is stunning girl!!! Wish I had your talent!! Great stuff!! keep em’ coming :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!! I’m hoping to have at least 1 more up soon; maybe 2 if I’m feelin’ ballsy enough for that much stenciling, LOL!

If i was you i’ll print it on a huge paper size and hang it on the wall, this is really nice love it.