Portraits of a Masked Mind


With side?


I don’t follow.


Stupid autocorrector… :man_facepalming:

It was site, no side…


I’m still confused. :sweat_smile: What do you mean by ‘with site’ ?


This. Or I misunderstood you again?


No, I meant that I moved to a site because I hit the character limit for posts in my thread.


I am not understanding you :sweat_smile: you asked me if I had considered have my personal website, right? I said no.

Then I asked you why? And you told me about the character limit.

The rest is where I got lost…


I was saying that you could get your own site and post your stories there since they can’t fit here because of the character limit.


Then it was a kind of suggestion. Now I understand it… Thanks, and maybe in the future I will have one, for now I guess it’s fine publish my book here.

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All caught up and DAMN

You are always singing my praises when it comes to my lyrics

But your writing and depth is…wow
I don’t actually know how to express it

I must say I really loved Lessons I Learned From You to the point that I am asking for permission to steal this title
Further more when completed I would send it to you to see if I have captured the essense of this

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I feel :blush: to be honest. You can use it! And thanks for reading my book!


I am so excited for this new:

  • Finally I found the perfect cover to “Portraits” and I wanted to share with all of you guys.
  • I took the pictures myself and I edited them in Word.
  • As always there is a meaning about the cover and the colors.

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Looking good :ok_hand: could you explain the meaning behind the pictures and colors?


Thanx for the tag- reading asap :blush:

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I kinda like it even though I can’t tell what exactly is on those pictures :slight_smile:

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Great cover! I like the distortion effects

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Colors: I liked how it looked like :joy:

Seriously it was for the contrast between the colors, also the shadows and the angle give you the idea of there is something or someone else there.

The reflection in the objects help to give that sensation of mistery, darkness and loneliness. But also a light of hope and that there is something to live.

Portraits is a dark book with some hope inside of it. For those who read it all, they will know what I mean :slight_smile:

Also the effect of darkness in the top of the letters of the title has its own meaning, but you already know what it means.

That’s the idea jaja, let your imagination tells you what it could be.



I really like the cover @IronSoldier16 !!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

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