Plugs, tunnels, or what have you

I love Chester’s stretched ears! But I don’t want to go that big… It’s time for me to go from 4g to 2g today. Kinda nervous! :worried: does anyone have any tips, tricks, or horror stories about their journey to 00g or bigger?

I’m assuming no one is stretching their ears… cricket chirpping

I wouldn’t do any myself, so I can’t give any advice, but I don’t mind the looks of some sizes. There is a point though where I think some people go over the top with it. From what I’ve seen of Chester’s, he’s pushing it, but everyone has different opinions

I wouldn’t imagine him going any bigger. But I do agree with you, they are a kinda big and he always seems to wear the diamond ones. I’m not going any bigger, though the world of inches has much better jewelry.

I wonder if ear stretching is as popular in the UK as it is in the states… Hmmm…

I’m the type of person that hates piercings lol. I don’t have and I don’t plan on getting any either. But, like Jordan says, it depends how big it is. After a while it just looks gross… to me anything over 8-9mm is just bad.

I’ve heard from friends that it’s kinda painful in the beginning till the spot gets used to the new size but it’s not unbearable.

Didn’t realize Chester stretched his ears until now.

I didn’t realize that what he usually wears are actually ear plugs:

But then again, if he didn’t stretch his ears he won’t be able to wear such thick earrings:

All I can say is this is my friend’s earring:

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I am assuming those are real diamonds since he wears them quite often. It’s funny… I base the timeframe of LP pictures off of how big Chester’s ears are in the pic lol!

I still don’t understand what diamonds you’re talking about.

The diamonds around the lip of his tunnel in this pic.

They look something like this.

I would wear tunnel/plugs too, if that wouldn’t be a problem in school… So I only wear in my free time fake plugs. And that looks good!

I think certain plugs can be pulled off as regular earrings.

Diamond ones…mhhhh, isn´t this strange??? Me instead always think of these when hear stretching skin lol

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Lol… Not me at all. I think of Hot Topic and Spencer’s stores. Do you guys have those stores over there?

no we havent, maybe in 20 years from now, but imagine it becomes cool to stretch your lips that way, no more botox… nice share…:dizzy:

All I know is, ppl miss Mike’s earrings

Can’t say I do, he’s grown up. I do love Dave’s though, I think they really suit him.

Most photos of Dave are so blurry, can barely see his

earrings if any

But I do notice Phoenix having tattoos on his left arm nowadays

I love his sleeve! (Well, I love tats in general) but yeah, it’s great. He has 2 Phoenixes in his back too (Mike designed them for him) but the sleeve is just pure gold, glad he got it.

The earrings he usually wears are plain black ones and yes, can barely make them out sometimes, but they look great on him.

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Yup seen them before

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