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Awww the poor bot with its incoherent prhases. Just as clever as cleverbot :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know you were playing it off as a joke in the screenshot, but just so everyone knows, if it says “Is this your first time?” that’s because I’ve been clearing the saved data every time I update the bot in the past few days because I’ve been adding new things

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So its memory is as clean as a newborn baby’s?


@jFar920 , nah man, that’s not necessary. My visits are so traumatic to it that its mind re-writes itself to forget everything :joy:

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Cleverbot… Reminds me of…

Meanwhile in Discord


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Linkin Park fan discord!

Cleverbot has some weird obsession with the Hunger Games for some reason


What would be the best name for the the community playlist command? !cpl isn’t very obvious what it is, but I don’t want something too long


You could have !ComPlay. But CPL is nice and short


I meant to post that in this topic, I guess it’s a good way to test moving things around before having to do it for a real reason.

Maybe !compl to have something in between. I also changed !rbdj to !dj but that might make it seem like it’s for adding people to the waitlist


As I mentioned earlier, !dj has replaced both !rbdj and !rbpl. Here’s what the new command can do:

!dj : Add the bot to or remove the bot from the waitlist.
!dj playlist list : Get a list of the bot’s available playlists and their IDs.
!dj playlist ID : Change the bot’s active playlist to the desired playlist.
!dj playlist shuffle : Shuffle the bot’s active playlist.

You must be a Resident DJ to use this command.

The community playlist command is now functional, currently still as !cpl. Here’s what that one can do:

!cpl add : Add the current song to the community playlist.
!cpl info : Get information about the current song if the community playlist is active and the bot is DJing.
!cpl list : Get a list of songs you’ve added to the playlist. Include a username to see someone else’s songs.
!cpl remove ID : Remove a song from the playlist. Use “current” instead of an ID to remove the current song.

You must be a Resident DJ to add songs to the community playlist, and you must be a bouncer to remove someone else’s songs from the playlist. You only get three submissions to the community playlist.

Edit: Bot is down for the day, need my laptop for something.


All this time later :joy:


I’ve spent the last week or so going over basically every part of R0B0T B0Y by fixing, removing, and adding to it, and I think it’s running 100% now. There’s still a few tweaks I want to make to it, but it’s currently functional without crashing, accidental bans, or whatever else it was doing before.

One of the few things I didn’t fix was the meetups. The poll from a while back ended with Friday and Wednesday as the best choices for the days of the week. Do they sound good, or should we only do one?

I’ll try to get a new list of every command up by tomorrow, as there have been a couple additions and some have changed names.


Well I’m on my summer holiday so any day is fine with me now.


I’m on now.


star wars parodies marathon


Is the bot not wooting songs?


I haven’t been paying attention. I think it has.




I spent all day today designing a text logo for the bot. I started with a visualizer look, then wanted to go 80’s with it, then ended with a neon sign look. This is the final result:

Here were some of the 80’s attempts, though:

Edit: Work in progress new site: