Please Help a new member?

Hey guys, I know this may seem unfair but I desperately want the new Hybrid Theory Points poster, and i was wondering if some of you could add me as a friend or to tell me how to get more points?

It would be appreciate so much thanks guys! :grinning:

Hey …write blogs, comments and stuff, but this poster will be available for a longer time…making points here inside includes lots of time inhere lol, and it´s not unfair but a honor to core-soldiers…

Go to your profile’s dashboard, click on the points tab and see what you can do to earn more. Just keep in mind that if you post too many blogs etc, it might be considered as spam.


I’ve sent you a request. If you want you can add my other two accounts.

the guy with no name

Thanks for the tips man!

Okay, will do thank you!

no matter @InfamousCyclone :grinning: hardcore soldier name you got

Haha, cheers mate

salute, wattayadrink?

Sorry, What?

you :“cheers mate”

[my input]
me: Salute, [italian for cheers]
and a Q: What do you drink?
so we try again @InfamousCyclone?

Lol sorry dude. I drink water and soft drink. I’m under-age in my country

that ok, it´s a drink also, so what you like most drinking if you´re thirthy? lol :stuck_out_tongue: what is “your country”?
edit: thanx for ya friendly request, it´s approved, lol :relaxed:

I love my water I have to say, and I’m from Australia. Best country in my opinion. Haha thanks man.
edit: I have to go, hopefully i get to talk to you sometime in the future!