Pit help

Sup everybody, this will be my first LP concert as well as the girlfriend’s.

Personally, I want to be in the pit, I can hold my own ground and I physically, I have the strength to push people off of me. I am 6 feet 180 lbs.

The girlfriend on the other hand… 4’11 and 85 lbs

She mentioned we should get seats instead, but being my first concert, I want to have fun.

So from personal experiance, If she can use me as a human shield will she protected, and you think her being 5 feet tall, she can see the performance?

The real question is; will she have more fun on the seats or the pit?

No fun on the seats. Everyone actually stands up and does the same like people on the pit, but they are farther from the stage and pay more.

It’s your first concert, right? Let your girlfriend at home and go to the show alone. You can find another girl but you’ll never have another first LP concert. hahaha I’m kidding.

The only time i saw them live i bought seats with a friend, but i went the meet&greet, and she didn’t. After the m&g they told us we could stay in the pit, but as my friend was in her seat i went with her… and i can’t tell u how much i regret it! Next time i’ll definitely go to the pit!!! It was also a particular situation because the volume was low for some reglamentation so the sound was poor if u were not in the pit and far from the stage, but it looked like a LOT of fun down there! maybe u can go to the pit but stay on one side.

Hi there, let me tell you what, in my first LP show, one friend of mine managed to protect his girlfriend near in front of the stage, so my advice is go with her in the pit, and try to make friends around you to help you with that, aways there’s some kind people that woud help you, at least don’t will push you and your girlfriend. Good lucky buddy!

There’s hardly any commotion on the floor in a Linkin Park show, honestly. Just keep her near you and if you see any actually moshing (maybe during A Place For My Head, at best), you can go in and leave her on the floor, she’ll be fine. LP shows really don’t get rowdy, lol.

your girl is too short once i went to a yellowcard concert and there not even metal or anything ) people acted crazy some people were drunk mostly tall sweaty college guys jumping and yeah… and it was hard to see and i am 5ft 5 ! . no she wont be protected the pit moves and always changes what i did was go with the flow and jump up and down with the pit … i got pit seats for linkin park too but i think for me personally is worth it because i have the chance to see them really close if i am lucky oh but some people are nice these 2 tall drunk guys let me and my friend cut them :slight_smile:

– personal experience …

Well I’ve been to 7 shows now & was in the pit for 6/7(did lawn one year) & I have to say it has been different each & every time. I’ve been all over the country for LP shows and I’m also short (5’2") & the last few times I’ve had barricade or something relatively close. It’s sooooo worth the experience of being in the front!

You can’t say LP shows don’t get rowdy cuz like I said each show is different.

I was at House of blues (which was a fan club Only show )& this particular fan club member choked a fellow member just to get her way back to the front.

I was also at the x games show & it got really crazy at the front. Some guy was Moshing behind me & tried to grab the barricade to hold himself up but ended up cupping my boob! There were a lot of rowdy people throwing their caps on stage trying to get Chester to sign their hats too. Poor chester had other things thrown at him too.

I’m not saying other shows are all rowdy but they’re all different! I’m sure my friends who’ve been to way more shows than me can tell you their stories too!

Hope this helps.

Honestly it depends. With a raised stage, its much harder to see, now the pit isnt as hardcore as it was either back in the early 2000s either, so moshing will be minor, her being able to see an enjoy the show is another story. Depends where your going to see them, but dead center 1st row to 10th row, is a great place to watch LP, great sound, and you stand up anyways and see a great show, LP is alot about the lasers and light show, visuals now, much more then back in the day. No matter what you will have a good time, but I do think she will have a hard time seeing and enjoying the show from the PIT. You will be picking her up so she can see. I think you will have fun either way you go, but honestly unless you are there to mosh, and leave her standing there, get great dead center close seats. If you and her enjoy moshing and know the songs, hit the pit. But as a first show, and the lights, visual aspect, softer songs of LP now, I think overall you both will enjoy the show from close seats and the sound will be much better in most stadiums as well. I have been to every LP show since 1999 in MD VA OR DC and have brought my daughter, who is now 12, to the pit when she was 7, and she had a great time in the pit a couple times and the energy and love is awesome of the fans in the pit, and most crowds look out for each other. Yours is not a klid, but a small adult, energy, young, pit is great, sound, visuals, enjoying the full show and experience for the first time, I would get close seats, next show get in the pit.

Ahh, thanks for the posts guys very informative. We arranged some plans where I carry her on my shoulders. Possibly during the softer sounds where she can watch, but bringing her down for a break during the heavier songs.

What do you guys think?

That’s a pretty good idea… I wish I could go on my husband’s shoulders! Hopefully we continue to get good spots in the pit though!

Forgot to say earlier congrats on your first show! It’s Gonna blow your mind! They are way better live & always surprise you and give amazing shows!!!

It gets addicting!

Really, you can throw things at them to get signed? Would they have a pen on them or do you have to throw one too?

Go in the pit - she can always retreat to the back where its less “violent” and she could probably see more to…like my wife does…i head to the front and she goes to the back…i know you are apart then, but u worry less about watching her and she doesnt get pissed cos of the pushing and shoving…how it works for us…seether, metallica, iron maiden etc etc…1st LP show though :wink:

Oh My God! No! The security was getting pissed they did this all night. Actually security confiscated my sharpie when I came in… But I know they threw them on stage & at one point chester went to the back to get one…

But please don’t do this! It was annoying & must have been for the band as well!

Pit, get there early as hell so that she can be barricade and you can stand behind her, control how much pushing goes around her. Even if you don’t get barricade, politeness and kindness can maybe get her a circle of people around her to keep her mind while jumping and what not. I’ve been to 52 shows, only once did I do seats. Still great, but terribly boring and awkward. I’ve always met great people around me, made friends, had taller people than me let me switch with them, etc. The Linkin family will help you out (:

It will be well worth it, Linkin is not a band to settle with seats for (:

Interesting interesting

So, if I do decide to show up early, how early would they allow?

I never knew how many LP/Incubus fans were here in Illinois =X

[quote=Cesar G]Interesting interesting

So, if I do decide to show up early, how early would they allow?

I never knew how many LP/Incubus fans were here in Illinois =X[/quote]

Depends on the venue sometimes. I’d call and check or look at their website if they have one. I believe the show I’m going to in Bristow, VA (correct me if I’m wrong, fellow show-goers), doesn’t allow you in to line up until 3 hours before the show.

The last LP show I went to, we got there about 2 hours early and got right behind the people at the barricade. Of course, it was blistering cold out so not everyone wanted to stand outside in line.

As for my own pit experience, the previous concert I went to was a blast. There were a few rough spots here and there but nothing compared to a few other bands I’ve seen and been in the pit for. Everyone is generally nice and wants to have a good time. The age range for LP fans really helps this out as well. I’m a rather small dude at 120lbs and had no issues at my last LP concert. As mentioned from a few others, not every crowd is the same, so always expect the unexpected!