Pictures and Videos at M&G?

I will attend a M&G and I was wondering if we were allowed to takes pictures or even film during the M&G ?
My friend and I are going to have our GoPro camera wrapped on us, that will be filming while us moving…so we wanted to know if we can make that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

well, it is not permitted to take pictures with the guys but you can take pictures of them without the flash and I have not heard anything about videotaping.

Actually in Ukraine it was permitted to film while moving in autograph queue. but. One could film till he or she approached close to the band: once a person came at distance of several steps to LP, the cam had to be switched off or taken away not to make LP members feel that they are speaking with cams instead of people :slight_smile:

We weren’t allowed to film the guys at all at Skive Festival this year, so I wouldn’t count on getting permission to film.

It’s okay to take photos while waiting in the queue, but again, we were not allowed to take photos of the guys individually as soon as we got to their table and had to get our stuff signed.

Well i think, just go with your gopro camera attached to you! Nothing wrong about it, If the security guys say something, turn it off. But its a great idea with the gopro!!