Photos: Wrong photos in albums

Just thought I should make everyone aware.

A moment ago I ventured to the ‘Photo’ section to look back at my meet and greet experience. When I clicked on the appropriate album (Boston) I quickly noticed that none of these looked familiar at all. The album’s cover showed the correct picture, but all the photos (judging by the album cover images) inside the album looked like they were from the ‘Los Angeles, CA - 2’ album.

I assumed those two were switched so I clicked on the LA-2 album, only to find that those also had incorrect photos in them. Next I assumed those came from the LA-1 album, so I clicked on that album and found the same LA-2 photos from the Boston album.

I know I can just go to the photos section on and find them there, but it’s just more convenient and less time-consuming to view them here.

Thanks for making that aware!
For my M&G however (Munich) I think the photos are right…I havent checked for a while but I think so!


I think the meet and greet pictures should stay exclusive to the LPU site instead of going on too

The thing is if someone’s LPU membership runs out and they don’t have the money to renew, they wouldn’t be able to see the photos anymore (that would have happened to me if they’d only been on the LPU site). Also, people might want to send the link to friend/family.
Don’t know anything about the wrong photo thing!