Petition: Chester Bennington Wax Figure / Madame Tussauds

Hey everyone,

In honour of chester, i decided to start an online petition for him to get his own wax figure in madame tussauds. to cherish and honour him. (also i can’t believe he hasn’t already got one? wow!) sign it if you like the idea & help me get this viral! it’s completely free. it would be amazing if all of us soldiers could somehow manage to make my idea come true. let’s get linkin park and maybe madame tussauds to know about it!

legends never die! especially not our chazy chaz.
we love you, chester.

Sign the petition here:


Maybe the whole band should get a wax figure…He was in Linkin park… :slight_smile:


No please, wax figures are creepy

My thoughts exactly. I mean, is having the “highest selling debut album of the 21st century” not enough to get them a wax figure?


@georkost Great idea! I’ve been saying this about Linkin Park since 2009! I really hope they create wax figures of the whole band. They deserve to be honored.
I also think they should be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Way over due!


Hello! If you signed the petition, make sure you confirm it in your email, so your signature will be counted. Thanks!

Weren’t they already?


@samuel_the_leader oh I didn’t know!!! Thank you for letting me know. That’s so awesome :clap:t3: