People Who Criticize Bands

Recently some kids found out I like LINKIN PARK. In the past they had made fun of me for liking twenty | one | pilots and I hate to say it… it got to me. Today one of them pulled out his cell phone and started playing In The End off of YouTube. He got other kids together and they collectively laughed at the music, acting like it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. It put a hole straight through my stomach and I wanted to cry. I attach myself to music when it speaks to me and I can see a subtext that means something personal. twenty | one | pilots pushed me through dark times of my life and LINKIN PARK too, and when these kids come up to me and say “LINKIN PARK FUCKING SUCKS!” it’s like like a knife to my stomach. In general, I don’t understand why people insult people each other for liking a band because they’re different; and I know I do it too and it’s something I need to correct. But beyond that what do you do in a situation like this? So what do you think of the situation? Have you had an experience like this? Do you have any advice?

Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. It’s best to just keep your head up. You know what you like, and that’s all that matters, right?

Had the some problem when I was in high school. I was being picked on and called names for liking LP and generally rock and metal music. (I’m from Greece, and liking foreign music here is like a sin so you get weird looks or laughed at or whatever). But, do NOT let them get to you! Just don’t! It’s your opinion and they should respect it. As long as you’re happy with your likings it shouldn’t matter what other people think. Try to ignore them. It will get better! (seriously, it will!)

I don´t care what others think about it. My husband does not like lp. constantly telling me how stupid he finds this music and makes stupid jokes about it. at first I was pissed. now I think he just has no clue of good music. and then I pity him a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the sounds of it, they aren’t even criticizing, and honestly, their opinions shouldn’t matter. It’s different when people give reasons to why they don’t like a band, but spouting profanities is just being immature and they are just hating for the sake of hating. Just try your best to ignore them

Many criticize, but I can not do anything. I’m in my and continue watching idenpendente than any. They’re just kids

Well, I guess they would have laughed about you, even if the focus wasn’t LP but any other band. Because I think music wasn’t the point. They just wanted to laugh at you and have “fun”. I think the best is, you don’t show that this childish behavior hurts you. Than they gonna loose their interest to anger you.