Palace of Auburn Hills

Hey all, has anyone going to this concert received their tickets yet? It is a week from tomorrow. Starting to get nervous that they wont get here by then, since “they usually ship 2-3 weeks” prior. Every other concert I’ve been to I’ve had them in hand at least 2-3 MONTHS before hand.

I ordered through the LPU Presale on Apr23rd. My order still says “Ready”.

JUST received this email from Customer Support:

[quote]Thank you for contacting ground(ctrl) support.

We apologize for the delay in your tickets being shipped. The promoter for the event had a delay in forwarding the fan club pre-sale tickets to us, but they arrived today and are currently being processed, packed, and shipped out to you.

You will know that your tickets have shipped when you see the order status has changed to ‘FULFILLED’.

The status of all orders can be viewed using this link:

If for some reason you do not receive the tickets in time, a list of all ticket purchasers will be provided to the venue box office and they will be able to reissue new sets of tickets to the purchaser at the will call box office on the day of the event upon presentation of a photo ID and receipt. If you do not receive your tickets and it is 3 days before your event, please contact us so that we can notify the venue that you wil be asking for reprints.

Have a great time at the concert!

ground(ctrl) Support[/quote]

I’m going to this show too and haven’t received my tickets yet either. Glad you got a response so hopefully we will get them soon!

yup im going and havent recieved mine

I was starting to worry… Thanks for the post

STILL have not received tickets. Getting very worried. I think I am going to call customer support after work today if they have not come in the mail. I think waiting till monday would be too late to get my names on a will call list. :confused:

Just checked my orders page and it says that my tickets have been shipped and that they are out for delivery today. Hopefully the same status for the rest of you as well.

No tickets here yet either- I am calling today. WAY to close to the concert for me- I have always used LP presales and was always happy but this time sucks. NEVER had I dealt with Groundctrl and hope to never have to again. 100’s of concerts and I have always recieved my tickets at least 2 weeks in advanced.

Does anyone have that number handy? Don’t know if mine have come yet or not, but I missed LP last time around due to a surgery & there’s NO WAY I’m missing this show!

anyone get their tickets yet- mine are still MIA. called them and finally got through after calling at least 50 times today- just told to call back if we dont get them tomorrow- day of show is TOMORROW! they were NO help!

No tickets here either, I try calling but couldn’t get through… I sent them an email and still no response!

Do you have the number to call? I’m still waiting for my tickets as well

I’ve got nothing either. I was planning on going early since I have pit tickets but now what I am I supposed to do with no tickets at all?!?!

the number is 877-463-2875.

Ok so I just got the tickets from UPS not even 24 hours before the show and right after I finished calling ground support and switching them to will call.

I’ve tried calling them back but I keep getting the machine. Think my tickets will be fine anyway?

This is so much hassle. They shouldve sent the tickets out months ago

did they come from ups or through the post office- it took all day for me to get through and now i get to do it all day again tomorrow- i will be lucky if my mail comes before 4 tomorrow and ups never stops here until after 6- glad I bought the presales and the lpu membership for the presale- looks like ill be in line at will call instead of using my laminate for our early admission promised for joining lpu again- I think we should all get M&Gs for our hassle :0)

Sorry for the late reply

I got them from UPS. They delivered it after their delivery hours so I was lucky.

But the fact that so many people are going through all of this trouble is not right. They need to get their shit together! These tickets should have been mailed out months ago!