P.o.d. new album is awesome

Been a major P.O.D. fan, limp bizkit and Linkin Park all hit hard and home about the same time, P.O.D. has somehow stayed strong for me, last album was awesome and there new one MURDERED LOVE is nothing sort of outstanding again. Linkin Park and P.O.D. have stayed relevant and outstanding all these years with me. Saw P.O.D. about a month ago with my daughter and they were as good as they were 8 years ago, sonny is awesome. Definitely snag the new CD if you want some more rock sound, and great music. ANYONE ELSE LISTENING TO P.O.D.???

WOW no one that listens to Linkin Park also finds P.O.D. incredible and listens to them??? Very odd, I find them very similar in styles and skill and sound.

Shoot man I havent listened to P.O.D in a long time. Use to love listening to them though. I’ve just been so busy these past 6 years with work and side projects that I’ve fallen behind on a lot of bands.
One I get the chance I’ll have to check it out.

Alive was an awesome song. But this band is pretty much dead.

I listened to there new single to check it out. Very boring.

No Smarky the band isnt dead, that was my point lol, I just went to there concert about 2 months ago, they have there new album out and it is still an incredible album and sonny still put on a great show, one of the best of the year so far, up close, personal, played all the classics and there new album, still rocking out. P.O.D. is far from dead that is for sure.

The new album is great, didn’t expect much from it but pretty good album.

I like(d) POD too. But I didn’t listen to them for a longer time. I just know their old stuff. And that was pretty good. But I’ll use your post as opportunity to check their new album :slight_smile:

never knew they were coming out with anything new… i would only find out on radio stations maybe i should get back into listening to the radio i was so in force on what was new. the only band i am fulling into and know new stuff and other info is lp.

I really have to agree with you, Trinity. The album is fucking awesome, I’m not a big fan of the firsts albums but, it’s so amazing to see how the old stuff fits into this album. It’s a complete mix with the new and old and for me, is one of the greatest albums of 2012.

Just love Higher, Beautiful, Bad Boy, Lost In Forever (Scream) and West Coast Rock Steady[heart]