Ordered the 17 LPU bundle... Wondering if I should be worried?

It hasn’t shipped yet. I know it had a street date, aka, won’t ship until… But I honestly can’t remember what day it said, and I can’t seem to find a listing, either. Can anyone help? Apologies if this is a frequent or obvious question.
Thanks for any help.

I thought it didn’t come out until dec 15? I might be mistaken but I know you’re fine :slight_smile:


Just checked, begins to ship the week of the 13th of December
I remember last year though it took a bit longer than that, they changed the date if I remember correctly because I know I got impatient since it was my first time haha they take a while but you’ll be good

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Cool, thanks. I know that’s the date for the tour DVD, couldn’t remember if it was for the pack, too. I had something else I ordered the same day that notified me it shipped today, so that’s why I was starting to become concerned. I’m very excited for all the stuff I ordered…


Ohh ok yeah the lpu17 stuff I suppose technically still isn’t “released” yet so they probably just shipped the other stuff beforehand
It’s always fun to have it arrive :grin:

Don’t worry!

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Yeah actually I ordered the other stuff separate. Thanks for all your help, people.

bought November 22

01/02/18 - “This item has not shipped yet”


I know, right? I’d hate to be pestering them, but I think I might have to call the shop soon. The delay on my hoodie gave me the impression that they don’t have enough people or something and stuff can just get pushed to the side. Since some of the stuff in that box are gifts- that are now late (which is fine, wasn’t expecting them on time)- I’d really like to have them as soon as possible. Wondering if anyone has received notice that theirs are shipping yet?

Did you already got the shippingmail?

I received the package a couple of days ago, so no worries.

Good to hear!

I received a shippingmail last week, but when I track the trackingnumber USPS says that the status is not available :grimacing:

Where do you live? Maybe that’s part of it.

The Netherlands. I will give it some time.