Open Letter For Talinda ❤🖤❤🖤

A poem I’ve written for you:
“From hundreds of miles astray
I send all my love your way
No need to hope, wish or pray
I promise- soon everything will be ok
Because storms only linger for a season
And we encounter every one for a reason
Not with intent to leave us broken or beaten
But to build the character we been seeking
So know that every mission has a transition
And though it may not taste as sweet as we were wishing
It’s exactly the right dose of life’s prescription
To be put on track for blessings up for giving
So- keep your head up- four words of wisdom”

Dear Talinda,
I understand the pain that you’re going through. My mother died on my 16th birthday and her husband was heartbroken. I understand the pain Chester’s kids are going through, because I too, lost a parent. That feeling sucks to no end, but I ended up healing, but that pain was still there no matter how much I’ve healed. Chester’s love for you ran so deep that it was impossible for you to break apart. My edit says so much. Is it wrong that I simply adored you both for 11 years? I one day, wanted love like you two. You were so conjoined together at the hip. Your love for your husband will always be there, you’re a strong and beautiful woman who will handle everything with style and grace, you’re gonna be okay. I know that for sure. I am keeping his memory alive every single day for not just Linkin Park, but for you and your family as well. Don’t listen to negative people who who think they know everything, because they don’t know you and Chester and the love you had for each other. Your husband was a role model for many people, especially to us fans. One More Light came as a last surprise. I’ve been having a stable life, things feel quiet enough for me to think about the future and to be hopeful. The album is beautiful, to put it simply. It’s relaxed, meaningful and still has that note of sadness and anger that also lingers in my heart. I always tell people that I’ve grown with Linkin Park, that each album was a landmark to my own personality, and that it translated my current heart. The last one still shows this truth, because even though I’m calm, things that made their mark will always exist inside of me. I don’t judge Chester at all, I understand him in my own way. I’ve scratched the feeling of hopelessness and felt how dark it is. And I’m not writing this letter to talk about why he did it, I’m writing to say that he will always be in my heart, because he saved me. I only regret not doing the same for him any small way I could have. Chester will always be a hero to me and my friends.

"Behind every great man, there’s a strong woman :heart::crown:"
When I see you with your husband, I see a perfect spirit, a bright star, a gorgeous person, a heart full of love, now it’s time for you to see that in yourself too. Because in the end, Talinda, you, the kids and the bandmates. (When your statement came out, i read it while crying for you and your children,) you all saved Chester in more ways than you could ever imagine. I send you tons of love, light, serenity, blessings & happiness. As one mother to another, Be strong for your family & most importantly be strong for yourself. You will survive, persevere, and thrive :heart:


Both the poem and letter are beautiful, I know if she ever encounters this she’ll love it<3


Thank you! I tweeted this to her and hope she’ll read it.


Beautiful :hugs::heart_eyes:


thank you!!! i hope she sees this. i was trying to find the right words to say.


Awwww once again written from the depths of your heart. Beautiful!!! I hope she sees this. :hugs:


i hope she does too. :heart::black_heart: thank you

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Very nice. Talinda will be very happy if she should read this.


Your poem is beautiful, as is your letter. xoxo