Online Flash Mob for AXS TV?

I was at Carson last night. FRIGGIN’ EPIC. Now trying to re-live it, but the only full-length video on Youtube is horrendous.

Anyone else up for mass requesting an official release of their footage online?

Or- anyone up for mass requesting it from Linkin themselves? WE NEED THIS.

Hope everyone else had a blast! :smiley:

i agree, but i think they might after a week or so, i didnt spend that much time recording it on my own camera because i was expecting them to have their hd version to look back to. but that concert was insane!

sounds good to me! I recorded some great videos from last night, but would love to see the full thing again in HD!!!

I agree! It would be great to have an HD version, also cuz I missed the streaming since it was only broadcasted on a US tv and i’m not in the States :frowning:

Lets totally do it! i am so hoping they will put it on DVD for us! that would be great