One More Tribute

There are no words…
emotions take over!!

Chester taught me to not be an “emotionist”
Choosing between emotions is the way you are racist to yourself.

IF i had the words, dressed in all the emotions they deserve, no one would want to hear them…
A video was the only way to steam this out.
All videos where inspired by them anyway, i owe them everything!

Ride your emotions… channel them into something meaningful!
Thank you Chester for the greatest lesson in life!

i hope you gals/guys enjoy this!

some references to Chester were omitted from the final product.
i was forced to revise since those references were the reason behind the tribute itself.
Chester and Mike are the reason i’m here,
someone who rides his emotions… is all i am!
and that’s because of them as teachers!

(final version!)

Godspeed bro!

link corrected

sorry for that… just noticed!