"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

my favorite thread tonight, :smiley:

I did think it was kinda odd we didn’t get a trailer this year

I think the trailer is coming. It was also late last year I believe

Alright everybody, it’s Chester’s December, which means we’re definitely getting a single off the album this month.

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I doubt it.


Nah, my girl Evooba and I both have a good gut feeling about this.


The album is (almost) done and currently being mixed. Mike says new music in the beginning of 2017. Let’s see!

And this is from Chester:
“We have begun mixing. That lets you know we are coming up to the final phases of the record. We have a ton of songs, so we are going to be mixing for quite a long time. We have been talking about first quarter of next year. It will be before summer, I imagine.”


They’re so kind! Devoting their time to a country in need, that’s amazing. But the album, I can’t wait to hear it. I’m hoping that the first single comes by the end of the year or early next year. If not, I might break down from the anticipation. But I’m glad to hear there’s a lot of material and so much dedication to the process. This will actually be the first album they release while I’m a fan. Just got into them last year, so this release is special to me as well.


See, I knew we were on the same page Evo. <3


cant wait for their new next album!!

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So what does “mixing for quite a long time” mean? How long exactly? I mean, I suppose it could mean up to 5 months really, huh? But then that wouldn’t be the beginning of 2017. Sigh… Well, whatever makes the album better.

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oh I hope so! :smiley: :two_hearts:

That’s not fake? I’m literally sitting in the dental office saying “what the fuck?” under my breath.

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Lol he’s just being sarcastic

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I figured but it’s just different… Something I’d do. Throws people off guard and makes them question it. Certainly an intelligent man.

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Well he’s not joking there, the hype certainly isn’t real. Linkin Park is barely relevant these days, but here we are, year after year, hoping the tastes of all the teens and adults alike get better…but it never does.

Linkin Park might get stuck on a “mainstream album then what-we-want-to-do-album” cycle in order to stay afloat. Hopefully not.

You’re being a bit over dramatic, don’t you think?


I love it when Shinoda’s trolling and people actually take him seriously.