"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Then @Im_Normal should be able to watch it without issues.

@evooba, I don’t know if you saw my above question, but it’s still waiting for your grace.

I did and decided to ignore you. Maybe I will sometime in the future if you ever decide to speak and treat people politely without being an a**.

Did I miss something?

Whatever it was I must’ve missed it too. But then again I don’t really pay attention to this thread.

whatever, if she posts this it has a reason guys ! hugs @evooba

I don’t understand either. He asked you when you think the single is dropping…


Yeah I’m kind of confused myself, but I’ll take it lightly. Maybe she didn’t mean it as bad as it sounds. We all have our days.

our days?

Lol earlywalker, it’s an American phrase. “Our days” meaning we all have (whatever context of the sentence is) times once in awhile, good or bad

Studio update number 8 is out. It’s a video of the FB stream guys had recently. (I watched that , though it was 2:00 local time)


Can’t wait for this to come out and see how much everyone hates it compared to -insert title of Linkin Park record that everyone also hated when it first came out-


Nothing will be quite as good as the Xero demo tape, that’s when they peaked

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Well, there was that one tape where they were banging on pots and pans as kids…

Nah man, Relative Degree all the way.

My English is not the best, which is why i cant get much information out of their last live stream. Did they say anything about the release date of their new album?

Nope, they were just talking about music and new ways to make it
They’ve also said that we should wait for LPU 16 next week

@NickGr Does our membership roll over from 15 if a year isn’t up, yet? How does it all work? Do we order the bundle pack or is it sent to us? Considering my situation I need to make sure they have a good address.

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Your membership has to be renewed (it’s 10$ for a digital one) if you wish, you can buy a package. You can also buy a package that includes digital membership (5$ less to pay). You can also set auto-renewal of your membership in Account/ Settings

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If it’s not up, you will continue to be a member. You don’t have to renew again until the full year is over. You won’t get the next year’s package though unless you get it separately

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