"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

I have the photo with at least 5 visible names. Not sure if it should go here though, what do you guys think?

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Put it in spoilers at the very least :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea… ok:

SPOILER ALERT! (You still need to zoom in a bit btw)




Thanks for the spoiler, although I was hardly able to read anything even when zoomed in. Which maybe is for the best.

I dont mind if they will work on the album throughout 2016 and release it the year after that. Rather have them work on something that makes them feel nifty than rush into a crappy CD.

But yeah, we will see :slight_smile:


Neither can I :frowning:


And this lol

Really guys? I can make out at least 5 names…

[spoiler]“Lost My Horizon”, “Heavy”, “Locked Outside”, “The Escape”, “Standing Back”[/spoiler]

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All of those sound like names that would make it into an LPU some day. Not a final album.

On another note, wasn’t the whole point of this thread for us to post stuff like this in the OP?

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Yup, Heavy sounds familiar.

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They’re demos, titles will most likely change as the songs develop.
Not sure if this should go up in the OP, is it worth it?

I think I can make out more names

[spoiler] “Out Of Reach”, “Hands & Knees”, “Exceed Outside”, “Real I Can’t Out Wit” [/spoiler]


Now that I see the names, I remember Mike and Chester talking about Locked Outside, as in discussing on where they wanted the song to go to lyrically.

In all fairness, I do think you could add these as “working titles” in the OP. Would be cool, really.


I added it to the OP with some changes, and also added question marks next to the titles I’m not 100% sure about.


I feel like a discussion on “news” before it’s added to the original post isn’t a bad thing, to make sure it’s newsworthy and we aren’t just adding stuff like “Mike posted a picture of a microphone” (not that I think that will happen).

Anyways, the working titles I do believe are newsworthy and pretty cool, especially since the band has been trying to keep them secret for the most part


The Bonfires is the name of Jon Green’s band. I’d assume a demo with that title would be a song they’re working on with him.

Edit The caption was “Ladies and gentlemen, The Bonfires.” Joe was just referring to them/Jon, not a song title.

Can’t make out too much on the board, but I also see one called “The Escape.”

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Is there a link to the original picture Joe posted somewhere? I feel like Discourse might have downsized the image

One minute before I posted this, the Linkin Park Instagram posted a picture of Mike and a microphone. I was just making up a random example



@Astat Yes, I realized Joe had just reposted their photo so I changed the info in the OP.

@TripleXero It is still up on The Bonfires’ IG account. Can’t link it right now, I’m on my tablet and don’t have IG on it.

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Left side:
Out of Reach
Hands & Knees
Can We Go Back
(Rest is pretty much impossible to read due to the change in lighting halfway down the board)

Right side:
Staring Back
Lost My Horizon
Fire Escape
Can We Go Back II: The Future (there’s an arrow next to “Can We Go Back” on the left side that points to this song on the right side, looks like a two-part song/reprise type idea?)
Rival I Can’t Outrun
Locked Outside


Grat topic Jordan! :clap: A good idea to collect all the news on one place.

The pic heated up the discussion and get us more and more excited :scream:

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Im delighted to see these cool pics of the boys in the studio, working hard as they are…im excited to hear this new album!!!