One More Light (cover) performance - Acoustic Guitar

My friend and I performed One More Light at an event. We both really love Chester and Linkin Park. Hope you enjoy it.


Can you post the link again? It just says it’s expired

Huh that’s weird. I have no idea what happened. I fixed it, thanks for letting me know @evowarrior5!

It says the same thing again xD I don’t know what would help to fix it. I’m interested to hear it so maybe you could send it to me on my Twitter or something? @MartijnvG5

edit: for the record, this is what I see


I think the short time is normal.
It worked again, after it was renewed.
It surprised me, cause it switched on, when you opened the topic without seeing the actual film.

@evowarrior5 @anna834 The weird thing is, it would work for a little bit, then later I’d come back and see the same error that you see. Anyway, I’ve put them up on YouTube, hopefully you can see the videos now!