Nova Rock Festival 2017

Today they released info about the Line Up for Nova Rock. I must say I am quite excited for this!

They announced it on Facebook that tomorrow at 10:00 pm starts the pre-sale of the ultra-limited tickets.
More info can be found on their website:

Who is going?


What country is it? The name of the towns are really strange to me haha sorry for this lack of knowledge :blush:

Is Fatboy slim even relevant anymore?

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And so is Rancid! :smile:

Nova Rock is in Nickelsdorf, Austria.

The only names that I go jolly for on this list is Blink182, Green Day SOAD, Good Charlotte, Alter Bridge, Fiver Finger Death Punch, Of Mice Of Men, Sleeping With Sirens and of course Linkin Park. Was a bit surprised for Fatboy Slim too, not my cup of tea really…


Fatboy Slim is something on its era :relaxed:

I think the last time he made music was in the 90’s?

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I’m curious about Prophets of Rage, really… :heart_eyes:

The 90s was their golden era, but i think they had an album out after that… #brb #googling :smile:

System and Prophets of Rage at the same night? That’s awesome! The rest are just meehh.

I wish I could come to any festival LP arrive to…

Not exactly the same but some of the RATM personels are joining the Prophets, the rest are from Audislave, Public Eneny, and Cypress Hill.

I know who the band consists of.

Haha got it! I have misread ur saying :smiley: i thought u said “prophet and RATM are the same” :sweat_smile: #mybad

@gatsie found ya topic today, greaaat… our Joyride comes nearer… my husband joins in, ya brother too?

So awesome @theearlywalker, my brother has school that week so he still has to see if he can join :confused:

Really want to go to this though!

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planning can start dear… :grin: I am FINE…
you think you can come midways, or we meet in Amsterdam? , our joyride, ya choice :heart_eyes: @gatsie

Is going to be awesome! Either way will be fine for me, I don’t mind traveling somewhere to meet halfway either :slight_smile: Like, near Dutch/German border? :smiley:

yes checking google… husband does the planning :smiley:

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it is weird and it is real… le´t´s enjoy, and feel awwwwwww
btw ya voice is pure gold… love it… and ya already sound familiar :stuck_out_tongue: