"Not Alone" Chester artwork

I had my Google home randomly playing Linkin Park songs, and I song I’d only ever heard once came on: Not Alone. I’d listened to it once, and then forgotten about it, but with everything that’s happened and has been, hearing Chester singing “you are not alone” was something I needed to hear. Something about his voice felt real, like he was sitting next to me during the song. I had to make something.
I suck at drawing Chester. I only have memories to go off of and a few pictures I can handle looking at. This, by far, isn’t my best work of art.
But I’m proud of it.
And I care more about that.


:heartpulse: the song
100% agree with your words and the feelings behind them

and this is the cutest Chester free drawing i’ve ever seen!
you might have missed on details but you sure captured his joyful spirit with these eyes and the smirk!

not exaggerating, loving it!



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I smash out a Linkin Park tune pretty much every day :heart:myLP and miss Chester​:heartpulse::notes::heartpulse:

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I think it’s great & goes well with what you’re feeling. It also shows Chester’s cheeky style character…:sunglasses:

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