North American Presale Links

Can we share codes? And if not where do I find mine?
I’m trying to go to the Chicago one too :slight_smile: VIP :metal:

Hopefully you found it. It’s under your picture when you click my account.

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I was able to secure the NY vip after debating about going to Boston. Though when I purchased it just said General Admission, even though I clicked the $300 option.

Can i buy two tickets with my presale code? My friend wants to come with me! Or can I share my code with her? I can only afford a GA ticket right now but she wants the VIP package. Eek!

You can buy multiple tickets.

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Phew! Thank you!

Did you have issues using your code?
I just saw someone say their code wasn’t working for the vip tickets

Sale here starts in 30mins so trying to figure it out

It wasn’t working for me at first, but then somebody suggested that I just go to and look up Mike Shinoda and find the appropriate show. That worked and I was able to enter my code and chose one of the VIP packages.

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Thanks bro!!! That’ll save me lots of time! Haha :+1:

Edit: Again thanks for the advice @jrtrussell! I went onto livenation and it worked, got mine too! :grin:

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Just bought my tickets for San Francisco - so excited! Who else is going?

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Me! I got mine for Dallas. Can’t wait!

San Francisco! :grin:

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How to see y’all in Colorado!!

Anyone else for Boston?

See you guys in Atlanta!! And maybe NOLA :stuck_out_tongue:

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Derek, I may be mistaken but I thought you were going to be attending the ATL show at the Tabernacle, on Sunday, October 21, 2018. Did your plans change or am I confused? (FYI: It won’t be the last time either :joy::rofl:) TY!:heart::dizzy:

Atlanta is 10 hours away, Chicago is only 5.

I feel safer in Atlanta but it’s just too far.