No Edmonton Meet & Greet photo?

I saw that LPU has recently posted the new meet & greet photos from the recent dates. But I noticed that they skipped Edmonton and didn’t post our meet & greet photos.

Does anyone know why this is? :frowning:

It usually takes awhile for them to post the photos. It took them almost a week to put up the Calgary Meet and Greet. I’m sure they are just really busy with all there touring going on.

I’m wondering the same thing. I got excited when I saw that their most recent dates were posted, but then scrolled down only to find Edmonton not there! It made me a little bit sad. Hopefully they didn’t loose them…

@WendyL I know, I’ve been trying to be very patient but after I saw that they posted up all the recent dates and skipped Edmonton, I started to think they might of lost the picture. Hope that’s not true ><

@kittypankake Same here! I’ve been checking once in a while to see if they posted it, but I saw today that some pictures were posted and my face went like ^o^ Then I looked like this O>O when I saw Edmonton’s wasn’t posted :frowning: And yeah I hope they didn’t lose the pic…

Hopefully the pics are still coming. Made me kind of sad seeing the rest of the pics and no Edmonton.

I’ve looked almost daily since the concert, and I got excited once I saw the other ones posted, like you. Pretty sad if they lost it :S I was looking forward to it…

I doubt they lost the photos. Aren’t they all digital? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours will be up soon, I’d imagine. The Edmonton pic is probably too epic.

Vancouver one just went up today and took almost two weeks. Damn i look pale tho lol.

I have a friend in calgary, it took them only 2 days to get their photo up! And it has been close to 2 weeks since the Edmonton concert. I am super worried. I will be super sad if something happened.


Still waiting on detroit photo. Concert was 8-21 and they posted a bunch meet and greets after but not detroit! At this point im sure it wont be posted :frowning: disappointed!

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I was wondering the same thing. Been in the same boat as a bunch of the others in checking daily, and getting excited when the photos of the 4 stops after Edmonton were posted. Hopefully it’s up soon!

When they took the pic, didn’t they say it looked good? And she took two. Well, hopefully it is still coming. It’ll be two weeks on Sunday.

Hopefully they post it up soon, as well I check daily hope something happens soon!

it’s been 3 weeks and still no Detroit picture, but others around my show have gotten theirs

“The Edmonton pic is probably too epic.” @ProjektXero

Haha! I bet it’s super epic!

Yeaah! Obviously it’s epic, due to the fact it’s loaded with Canadians ;p

Ahah, but really, how does someone ‘accidentally’ delete 2 pictures… She also took a few of us as a group without the band members

it looks like they added the Edmonton Meet & Greet today!

Still waiting on the Auburn Hills Michigan photo! :frowning:

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