No answer to Garanteed Meet & Greet?


I know someone post a similar topic a few weeks ago, but I would like to make sure of something. I am part of the LPU members that have a garanteed Meet & Greet. I do have my show tickets, and I have written to ask for my Meet & Greet, almost a month ago, and still got no answers. I would like to know if it’s normal I haven’t received any answer yet ?
I would really like to know if I can have my garanteed M&G pass :slight_smile:

If anyone knows if that delay is normal, please tell me, so that I can relax a little bit loll :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !


Meet & Greets are never guaranteed. LPU members can request a Meet & Greet, yet that doesn’t mean we will automatically receive one. I’ve been to over a dozen LP shows while being an LPU member since LPU5. I have requested a M&G to every available show I’ve been to, but have only been granted a M&G pass 3 times. (Less than 25% of the time). The M&G notifications will be e-mailed to those who have been selected a few days before the show date with specific detailed instructions. It is normal for an answer to appear to those a few days before the specific show. Good luck. Hope this answered your question.

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Sorry sir but you are wrong. I believe that members who signed up before a certain date were given 1 guaranteed meet and greet for this year. Adam confirmed it = ]


Eeeer I don’t know where you were on these last few months :stuck_out_tongue: , because it has been state many times that people that purchased a LPU11 membership before january 28(I think it’s 28) have ONE guaranteed M&G. Here’s Adam’s message :
For those of you who purchased the $60 LPU11 Annual Membership up until this point, we’d like to thank you for your dedication by guaranteeing that you will be selected for ONE meet & greet during the upcoming Linkin Park tour cycle. If a tour date is announced that you will be attending and you would like to be on the meet & greet list, email with the subject “LPU11 ANNUAL MEET & GREET: (CITY)”. Tickets for the show are NOT included.

So now, do anyone knows the answer to my question ? loll


Hey, there! I would recommend you to write another e-mail to and ask about it. I wrote them an e-mail long ago and received a confirmation 5-6 days later. Which M&G would you like to attend anyway? If then never get back to you, let me know via private message!


im probably gunna try that cause i want to go to the jones beach one and ive never gone


im probably gunna try that cause i want to go to the jones beach one and ive never gone[/quote]

Do you have a guaranteed m&g? If not, don’t write them for a m&g


I’m going to the Indianapolis show. The very same day I’ve secured the tickets, I’ve written to them, but still got no answer :S (was april 23rd if I remember well).
Thank you for the answers, I will send another mail :slight_smile:


Problem solved :smiley:
Thanks everyone, I’ve just got my M&G :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


[quote=Annie-Claude]Problem solved :smiley:
Thanks everyone, I’ve just got my M&G :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


[quote=Annie-Claude]Problem solved :smiley:
Thanks everyone, I’ve just got my M&G :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


But can anyone please tell me how we ask for a meet and greet? :slight_smile::slight_smile:


I don’t believe this is done anymore in this way :sweat_smile:
What happens now is that if you’re a paid lpu member (meaning you país the $10 membership fee in some way), then you can enter into a contest/raffle for the opportunity to attend a m&g for a show you’re already going to…
They open the contest up maybe like a week before the show, people enter and then a couple days before the show, they email the winners who can attend :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you friend.

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