Next Lp collab?

Who should be the next band to do a collab with Lp?
My opinion? Hadouken!

I cant begin to count the number of threads that are about this.

With either:
50 Cent
Avenged Sevenfold
Rise Against

my dream is Avenged Sevenfold. LP and Avenged Sevenfold together should be something really cool, I don’t know. Love both bands.

Excuse me BUT

I would love to see LP collaborate with Emilie Autumn. I’ve seen her live a month ago. And her screams with Chester’s and Mike rapping… that must be one hell of a track.

And I would loveeeeeeee, dieeeeee to seem them collaborate with Mike Oldfied. I grew up with his music. And hearing Chester cover Shadow on the Wall would be amazing. Or that LP together with Oldfield write and compose a song from scratch.

Gosh need to think about others. I would love for them to do something completely unconventional.