New song demo! New album within the year!


I figured I’d share this here, since it’s become a tradition to share my music on this forum. You’re all so kind, and supportive. <3

This is a new style for me. Sort of thrash, Sort of stonery. It’s just a demo, so th esound can/may change upon the final production.



I’ll listen to it later, ok? Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a real album not a demo at all sounds awesome :grin:

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No problem! Happy ne wyear to you too!


Haha, shucks. Thank you very much!

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I’m listening it rn. I love its energy and its production. Congratulations man!

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I like the bass playing - let us hear more :guitar:


This :heart_eyes:

I really like this song!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: The rhythm and whole song! :heart_eyes: :grin:


You’re all so kind! I’m really you all like it. I’ve got so much more on the way too! If you subscribe to my channel you be able to more as I come out with more. Sometimes I forget to share on this forum, so it’s the most stable way to follow me. :slight_smile:


Just checked on spotify… :grin:

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I might still be on Spotify… I have to renew my Distrokid. Money happens to be th eissue with that atm. haha.

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Catchy chorus! I like this style a lot, keep it coming

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Will do! Thank you Ricky!

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I like it. Really good!


I guess I’m already subscribed to your channel :thinking: link?

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Here’s my channel link <3


Reading your comments <3




Quick update, as requested by a few people on here!

I am purchasing a new guitar next Thursday, with intention to write songs for my album with it. It’s be the first 7-String I’ve ever owned, or played. Very exciting!

While I was for next Thursday to arrive, I am planning some extra things for the album, as well as building my website back up. My website has been de-commissioned for own 7 months, and I feel I’m ready to make it better than it used to be.

Aside from new things, I have fixed up a few of my Project guitars, Repaired one for a friend, and am reaching out/hunting a new neck for one on my special project guitars. Price is a very big deciding factor in most of my projects, as a very low budget is what I work with.

I also tuned my Patreon up a bit more for those who wish to support me on a deeper level:

And to end off this update, I also did a cover of “PAranoid” by Black Sabbath! Check it out, and don’t forget to sub to see more!

Thanks everyone!


Cool! We’re happy to see your progress! Keep us updated please! :smile: :muscle: :hugs: :hugs:

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