New Site

Loving the new site! So fresh. So clean!

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Yeah, whoever made it did a really good job. Looks like they’ve probably done this kinda thing before.


Test driving new sites is so much fun!

I’m loving this!

My sig is obnoxiously big…

Love the new site!

love it too [biggrin]

i like it very nice lpu… way to keep me as a member :slight_smile:

This is AWESOME!!

Kudos on the new site! A huge HUGE step-up from the previous years!


looks around This website is far too bright for an LPU website. It’s not been this bright since LPU1 IIRC >.>

Such a huge improvement from last year. Fantastic work by all those involved.

yeah the new site is awesome. thanks to whoever made it :smiley:

its such a big step from LPUX to LPU11

Like the new site, too - although I’d have put the site menu at the top, so you wouldn’t have to scroll down all the time :confused: but the clean look is nice.

Edit: Just found the drop-down menu at the top :confused:

New website is fun to use. Less clutter and simplicity gives it the winning side.

I have one suggestion is that they need to reduce the font size within any particular forum’s Reply tag line. It’s a little annoying to me.

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[size=20]Re: New Site[/size]

[size=20]Re: New Site[/size]

[size=20]Re: New Site[/size]

[size=20]Re: New Site[/size]

whats up homies !!! lets roll :smiley:


“Feels Like Home”

Site looks great. THE FORUMS ARE BACK :d ah, feels like the good ol LPU :slight_smile: