New here

Hey everyone!

My name is RJ and I’m from Texas. I’m 29 years old and been a fan since 200 when Hybrid Theory came out. Good lord, I’ve been a fan that long? Man times fly right?

I’m a student at Texas State studying Social Work, you know saving the world and all that jazz.

I just purchased Living Things today at Hastings for a great price ($9.99) and inside was a free one month trial to the LPU.

I figured I would come check it out, see what the fuse was about and get to talk Linkin Park with some TRUE fans, not these fair weather fans who think it’s still 2000 and want the same sounding Linkin Park!

But I digress, just wanted to introduce myself. Sorry if this is in the wrong section or anything like that. Thanks


Welcome to LPU! Like you I’ve been a fan since 2000. Hope you stick around! [smile]

It’s weird to think I’ve followed something like a band that long but I have. I was 17 when they came out and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before in my life.

I love how LP has evolved musically just as I have as I’ve aged.

Hey, I’m new, myself! Sort of. Was a member from LPU 6-9 but then dropped until I also got the free trial. Been a fan of LP since about 2006. Welcome. :'D

Welcome aboard! Hopefully you’ll stay and renew after the trial is over as the LPU is an awesome place = ) I’ve been a fan since around the end of 2000 too. My dad bought the Hybrid Theory CD when it first came out and we ALWAYS listened to it in the car and at home. I was instantly hooked. I was just 6 years old back then! Now I’m 17! Time really does fly!

Thanks man.

It’s always a little nerve racking coming in to something that is well established being the low person on the totem pole.

But with all things Linkin Park, I figured I would be met with open arms (fingers were crossed!) and so far, so good.

Welcome. When your thing expires, buy a membership. It’s definately worth it. I’ve been an LP fan for a while and I only joined 2 years ago. I wish I knew earlier. I think you’ll really like it on here.

Welcome ! [biggrin]

Hey! I’ve only been here for just over a week but like you, have loved them from the beginning. Hope you stick around, it’s worth it :slight_smile:


I think we all got hooked on Hybrid Theory and never looked back. It says i’ve only been here for 12 months or whatever but I guess it resets every year, I have had this for a LONG time lol

Met a couple of really great people on here already. Make sure you stay!!

I love this place! So far, got to bring 3 friends to HOB show which was totally awesome, rocked out tonight at a FREE show and hung out with Denisse (above) cool chick. Won an autographed CD…and I’ve only been a member for 6 months or so. There were other events that i could have gone to but wasn’t able to. LP Underground kixks butt!! Met lots of cool people here - like it better than facebook…i can relate to these people! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Still trying to understand how everything works around here. Maybe someone could throw me a lifeline and fill me in on all the cool perks. Thanks!


[quote=FreeMan12406]Thanks everyone!

Still trying to understand how everything works around here. Maybe someone could throw me a lifeline and fill me in on all the cool perks. Thanks!


Check out this page to find out all the amazing things that the LPUnderground has to offer = )

Welcome to the community!!!

Hello !
I’m new here, I’ve been a LP fan since I was 8, when Hybrid Theory came out. Since then I’m a still a hardcore fan and for the first time I’m a LPU member, I feel like I’m close to the band of my life more than ever. I want to get in touch with all the LPU family via my LPU profile, my facebook profile ( and my twitter profile (@alphamathieu).

Have a LPGood day everyone!

I am new here too (about several hours). A Linkin Park fan since 2004, at that time I bought the first CD of them.
Unfortunately, I’ve only heard about LPU and never took part in something like this. I just do not use the Internet often…
Hope I am going to find out what we are doing here :slight_smile:

I feel so old some times hearing how young some of you are, lol.

Welcome :)) Hope your enjoying it :))

G’day RJ,welcome aboard the lpu express. Has been a long time, a lot of great music in that time.Possibly one of they’re best albums in Living Things,enjoy the lpu n habe a great day W :slight_smile:

New here Too welcome i Hope you have a Good Time here :wink: