Need some help with my birthday coupon

Hey guys,
I just wanted to ask you how i I can use my coupon I got for my birthday. I recently got a mail in which they told my that this coupon would give me 20% off of some items in the store, but i dont know how to use it. Could someone of you pease help me?

wow thats really new, think you just to add the coupon code at the fiels at the end of ya order…

You can redeem the code during the billing process, you’ll see it.

You’re trying to use this on the main Linkin Park store, right? If so, there should be a text box somewhere along the checking out process that will ask for a discount code. I can take a look in a little bit

Edit: Ninja’d

thanx to everybody :smiley: ill try it out

I never got one for my birthday. Any ideas why that might be?

I don’t expect anything from anyone. I just thought I’d ask since I saw that they did that. Obviously it’s a random occasional thing sent out. No need to be mean about my question.

They give one out every year but not sure how long it’s valid for, I’ve never used mine. From either websites.