My tribute to Chester

I read a lotta books but forget what the pages are for
I abhor money and fame, Don’t need wages for war
The stage is sword, placed at my throat
You’ve painted the force, like some tainted divorce
I’m done, it’s the sun setting, every one getting up
Like it’s some session, none resting I’m the one messing up
Never appreciated your existence, now that you’re gone
Feels like I betrayed you but don’t know how am I wrong?
Every second there’s a thought of you giving me advice
Tell me that I’m getting numb or losing the meaning of life
As soon as even-ning strikes I’m on the receiving end of spite
Ain’t believing in Christ, I’m determined to be leaving this light
You cared for the star and for moment of existence, I apologize
I can’t go on, I’m zoned out of the system, I fall not fight
My mind would like to dine a mic (dynamite) and die
Like Lionel Shrike, a final strike, no pride
Yeah, every second of my life is a story I wish to tell
But ain’t nobody listening guess I won’t live to yell
I’m more likely to sever bonds than fight the hell
Can’t trust nobody man I can’t recite the tale
I understood your value whe. You were gone
I mourned to this lifeless form, please perform
For us once more show us one more light
Please confirm and return and burn your mic


Ridiculously powerful! Wow.

Especially the last couple of lines, " For us once more show us one more light
Please confirm and return and burn your mic ".

What an amazing, very Chester-like thing that would be :wink:

Very well done.

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Thank you for reading it and I always put Linkin Park whenever I felt low. But at times I felt I didn’t honor him so yeah this is what I dedicated I have a few more lyrics, I’ll post em one by one by one

Wow so powerful and moving

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