My package came in, in lieu of winning my city's presale contest

And it’s shit. Seriously? This is what they give the fans that won 1st and 2nd place in each city? I thought for sure I’d get a signed vinyl from any album by the band, and some other little cool stuff. The pin is really the only neat thing, not that I won Los Angeles though… It’s disappointing that this menial amount of effort was put into this, considering the 1st and 2nd prize was to meet the band before the sad circumstances.

  1. OML cardboard cutout. Could’ve printed it at my local Staples.
  2. L.A. OML Linkin Park pin, a very small but genuine touch, although L.A. means nothing to me, I won the contest for Lake Tahoe
  3. A little flimsy backpack made by Tucano that has LP’s logo thrown on it. Anyone could have this printed on here.

Just disappointed that this is what they give their biggest fans. What’s that, they didn’t have to give us anything at all? Well you’re wrong. If 3-5th places were getting merch packages, you better believe that they were gonna give 1st and 2nd something as well. Although one would expect it to be a little better than this.

Damn, is that seriously it? At least you didn’t pay for it, or did you?

In a way. I originally paid out the ass to buy 17 albums in order to get points to win the pre-sale contest. One of those packages was the $150 super deluxe collector’s edition with the only-one-of-Polaroid photo. So yeah, it came in the mail for “free”, but I won the contest purposely to meet the band. This is BS.

That’s a load of rubbish then.

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I can absolutely see why you are disappointed :pensive:

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I just got mine too, only grief being that they asked for tee sizes etc when contest was over
I get things changed but it was something some of us were looking forward to…
I’ve already said I had hoped they had gotten to sign merch long ago so I was longingly hoping I’d have a signature from chester

How does spending a lot of your own money to win a promotion contest make you their biggest fan? Anyone could have done what you did.

The merch package was a consolation prize for not winning a chance to meet them. You weren’t entitled to it unless I missed something?

The idea you deserve something because you out bought everyone is ugly and in my opinion, does not constitute what a LP fan really is. Especially given the nature of the situation. Yes, it sucks you didn’t get what was owed to you. But then again, life isn’t fair and doesn’t always go as we wish.

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As I understood it he came 1st or 2nd. And by the sounds of it 3rd-5th got better prizes. Or I’m misunderstanding too.

Your perspective is a little flawed here. You’re taking what I said and misconstruing it. “Biggest fan” as in I won the presale for my city. And yeah, every person that won did so by purchasing albums. That was the market strategy for the contest itself, so don’t go defending it as if I’m wrong for taking their own designed route to the road of victory. Furthermore, yes, every single 1st and 2nd placer were owed something, if 3-5th get something too. Only difference is that 1st and 2nd should’ve gotten something a bit better, especially something to commemorate Chester, like a signed t-shirt by everyone in the band, with his face on the shirt.

No you understood perfectly. In his eyes, I’m acting entitled for thinking that 1st and 2nd should get a prize when 3-5th get something too. Yeah, let’s leave 1st and 2nd in the dust because HEY, IT’S LIFE. I don’t think you understand business or public relations, @derek.

Just disappointed that this is what they give their biggest fans.

Your words.

I’m not defending them, I’m saying what you did. This thread is about you, not everyone else. And yes, I do feel you are acting entitled. I agree it sucks for you, but at the same time, the way your going about this is just wrong. Acting selfish and throwing a tantrum, again, with everything that happened isn’t going to help you. The fact your even demanding stuff is absurd. Didn’t this go through Strobe or some other company? Maybe you can try and reason with them. Because how your acting now, you will not get any sympathy from me and I’d be surprised if anyone else gave you any.

I also never claimed to understand business or PR…but, ok.

“their biggest fans.” Yes, I said that, although my assumption was that it would be generally understood that the context I was using it in was “biggest fans of each city”, a.k.a the winners.

And yes @derek, you’re right. You never claimed to know anything about business and PR which is why our little conversation ends here.

I apologize for not understanding your presumption that “Biggest fans” actually meant “Contest winners”.

Since you do not like the blue bag, can I have it?


I’ll sell the damn thing, figure I could get $20 - $30 for it.

If you are truly unhappy with you package, feel free to contact

Have a nice day. :grinning:

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