My own Band - "Distinct Vein"

Hey LPUers around the world,

as we are all fans of an open-minded band and so are open-minded people automaticalls, I would like to introduce my own band to you.
If you like to discover new bands or just support, then don’t hesitat to check us out!

We are “DISTINCT VEIN”, a Crossover band from Germany.
We mix Rock with various other influences, just whatever we feel like doing. Mostly it’s Rap, Pop, Punk, Alternative and some Funk. At one of our concerts a fan told me after the show: “You guys sound like a mix of Linkin Park and blink-182, with a touch of the Chili Peppers”. I think this sums it up quite well.

So, if you like this type of music and are into multi-lingual (English and German) lyrics, they don’t wait for too long, give us a visit and leave a Like! :slight_smile:

We released one song so far, more is about to come.

Thank you all for your support or just your time!

Best regards,
Kai / Distinct Vein

Here the links: