My first meet and greet

Last night i experienced my first meet and greet with the band in Houston TX. When i first recieved the email i was chosen i was ecstatic! Dream come true for me! I’ve been a fan from the beginning. I first saw them live at buzzfest in 2001. I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of meeting them. It took us 2 1/2 hrs to get to the venue due to traffic, normally an hour drive. We barley made it on time. I was a little disappointed at how fast everything was. I understand completely about the rules of flash photography and touching the band members, however they did the greet outside so none of the pics i took came out bc we weren’t allowed to use the flash. I really wanted to shake the bands hand and tell them how important their music is to me in my life. My son is a huge fan as well. I know how important the fans are to them and feel they would have appreciated the feed back. I also understand everyone would like to chat with them and it would have taken hours if they chatted . I ask…do they ever do smaller more intimate greets? Or something after the show? Personally one of their songs heled savemy marriage. We couldn’t get through to one another and after Waiting for the End it helped my husband understand how deep i felt about our relationship and how much despair i was in. We started actually listening to each other. That song and experience has made my husband a fan of lp now. And he still gets emotional when he hears it.

Thats great :slight_smile:

I was there with you last night at the meet and greet and as much I enjoyed the chance to meet the band as well. I do agree that it just didn’t have that very personal appeal. I however did have an awesome time at the show they are always fantastic to see live. They are the best band I have seen live so far.

My first M&G will also be the only one I’d want to attend, because I too felt that it was a bit too rushed and not at all personal.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt blessed to be chosen and it was awesome meeting the band. But now that I have seen them face to face, I’ll always want to go for an Early Entry option and get as close to the stage as possible and have a blast there instead. I’m much more interested in listening to their music, singing along and rocking out than having a brief meeting before a concert and end up somewhere far away from the stage! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen in LPTV videos that fans shake their hands during M&G’s… I don’t think there’s a problem with that.
As for more intimate greets, the LPU holds summits. One was recently held in New Jersey… LPU’ers get an acoustic performance from Linkin Park, get to go backstage, meet crew members, Q&A… etc

I’ve seen the summits. I would LOVE to attend one but i don’t think they’ve done one in houston. We birh have full time jobs and a son in school and lots of extracurricular activities. Unfortunately attending one out if state is not an option. I’ve seen pics where they shake hands and take personal photos too but we were given strict rules last night. Hopefully they will hold a summit here!

No shaking hands? wow that’s harsh lol… I hope you’re able to attend a summit in the future :slight_smile:

Meet & Greets are great if you have seats & don’t mind losing your spot in the pit!

I was fortunate to attend a preshow party at the house of blues show in may. We didn’t know how many band members would be there or which ones would be either. We didn’t find out until we were actually at the party. Having never met the band, I was ecstatic to find one of my favorite members Phoenix & Funny man Mr: Hahn. They were both great and I was very pleased. I was able to get personal pics, autographs, as well as shake their hands.

I was hoping to get a meet and greet one day but was so happy when I got tickets to the summit in new jersey. I heard that you have more time with the band than a regular meet and greet. I was ecstatic & couldn’t wait!

Unfortunately it turns out that during this tour, the band was going to be standing without a table and talk to you. It is very Personal & I enjoyed it because they were right there in front of you! Although, because you were holding your item to be signed, you weren’t exactly able to shake their hand because you had to be the table so to speak!

I enjoyed my meet and greet experience & I am very fortunate to have attended the summit! I just want everyone to know not to expect too much because then you won’t be disappointed. Many fans have posted about their meet and greet experiences being rushed & I too would rather have an amazing show than a meet and greet opportunity. I would love to see the band again someday but we all have to realize there are fans who have never seen them in person or even seen them live!

Mike actually skipped me in line but my husband didn’t let that happen. I just felt bad for tr father & son next to us cuz I don’t think they realized he skipped me. I wasn’t trying to be rude but mike was still talking to me when he started signing their items. chester was sweet and congratulated me & my husband on our anniversary, brad was brief, rob was talkative & sweet as well, Hahn was humorous and wrote happy anniversary on my photo mat, & Phoenix spent the most time with me since he had recognized me from my recent shows & meeting at house of blues.

And just because the band doesn’t mind signing more than one item doesn’t make it fair to those of us that end up getting rushed in the back Of the lines… Just wanted to add that because I felt bad for the people in the back of the line who were rushed… I was in front of the line & still rushed…

My first meet and greet was last year in Boston. I’ll admit, I did feel a little awkward with it. Dave and Mike were the only ones to shake hands with everyone and those two made the experience memorable for me.

I had the chance to meet them twice on the Honda Civic Tour. In Mansfield on the 14th, I didn’t hesitate to force my hand in front of them and they all saw fit to shake it. The only hand I didn’t shake was Brad’s, only because he doesn’t really shake hands at meet and greets. Mike was next to Brad, and held up the guy in front of me talking, so instead I put in a request from Brad for that night’s show (the Pushing Me Away harmonic over In The End).

Next was the Summit. This one was a little different in the sense of how it was set up. We were all instructed to stand in a line that stretched around the main room of the venue, while the guys walked through and signed stuff that way. I’d post pictures, but I’m currently on break at work and don’t have access to my Facebook. But they signed my back and I had it inked the next day. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time, though, because of what Joe did when he signed.

How beautiful your story! I did not get to that point with my hubby, but the song ‘My December’ was the entry in my wedding ceremony.
Also follow from the beginning, and it would be a dream come true to see them eye to eye.

A hug!