My Drawing in Honor of Chester


It was quite a pleasure drawing this…

Medium: Pencil & Marker

May Chester Bennington rest in power and peace :black_heart::pray:t5:

I felt connected with Linkin Park’s lyrics ever since I was a teen and I didn’t entirely understand why until the last two years. I wish I had the chance to meet him in person. He seems like someone worth knowing.

Support on other platforms is always appreciated!

I’m on the LP App, same username


That’s an amazing drawing
Thank you for sharing

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OMG…!!!..That drawing is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING…!!..I totally take your word that YOU drew it, but it’s sooooooo good as if you put a sheet of tracing paper over an existing pic of CB…!!..You have an AMAZING TALENT and Mike should MOST DEF get in touch with you and have you draw something for their next album…!!..

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Pardon me, but I forgot to let you know what happened to me an hour or so ago. I did post it, but in a diff forum/topic.
Regarding today being CB’s BDay, I was watching a memorial LP live concert vid on YouTube. No one else was home. CB was singing “ One More Light “ and I of course, also started singing the song along with CB ( good thing no one else was home…!!…). I couldn’t help but “broke down” and starting crying “like a baby”, tears streaming down, nose running, the whole package…lol…!!. So, within, I’d say 10-15 seconds into my “break down”, my dog ( female Rottie ) just appeared & started licking my leg, as if she was saying “ it’s ok to cry “…
I know, I know, of course she heard me singing/crying which got her attention, but it was just wierd how she just came into the room all of a sudden…
Ok, thanks for “listening”…!!…
R.I.P. CB…


Thank you for sharing with us, such an amazing piece :smiley: