My December meaning

Hey guys sorry to ask a question about a really really old song but does anyone know what my Decembers about? It seems to have a really deep meeting i always wanted to know that. Has Chester Ever said anything about that?

All I know is he said it’s for his wife at the time

Humm that’s odd I can’t really see that

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Yup that’s what Chester said :slight_smile:

Oh really I did not know that.

It was Chester reflecting on an argument he had had with her
Feeling like something he missed
December as in end of year/closure and him realizing “this is all I need” in regards to needing her back
Off top of my head but yeah

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@framos1792 that sounds so deep.

I prefer creating personal meanings to songs, but I always took it to mean that all he wanted was someone to be there for him. He would do anything for that, for someone to be true and faithful to him as he was to them. He feels alone… maybe blames himself, because he says “my” December, as if December is cold and lonely because of something he has done. Perhaps he misses someone, which would make sense to be about an argument with his wife.


That’s the way I take it to

I agree with you all say. It all makes sense, but when I watch the video I see a casket being lowered into the ground that makes me question was he suicidal because of his wife?

Most of his music almost sounds like a cry for help. Didn’t the band see the warning signs?

Watched the video again and after reading all of your comments once more. It seems the song is because of him losing his wife in a car accident, and the pain he was feeling. My December, give it all away. It’s that time of year for him that reminds him of being with his wife and child full of great memories. He would give up everything to have it all back, money and fame.

This thread is two years old! You revived it with your answer!! How can it be related to his death? And I don‘t like to read your second post- seems like you have absolutley no knowledge about depression??


Or Chester Bennington @theearlywalker

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Probably this also- and you could add Mike, Brad, Joe, Dave, Rob and a lot more to this list… if I got you right @wyattbeav :+1:t2:


I read on a few boards and saw some old footage explaining that it was about coming home after touring for so much of the time.

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